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This remodel was looking for a nice blend into a modern feel.  The long lines of the kitchen and consistent cabinet heights helped achieve this. The casual eating table tied into the island stone provides functionality for the homeowner.

Windgate.Walnut: Image

French roast stain and Avant door

Windgate.Walnut: Gallery
Windgate.Walnut 1
Windgate.Walnut 2
Windgate.Walnut 3
Windgate.Walnut 4
Windgate.Walnut 5
Windgate.Walnut 6
Windgate.Walnut 7
Windgate.Walnut 8
Windgate.Walnut 9
Windgate.Walnut 10
Windgate.Walnut 11
Windgate.Walnut 12
Windgate.Walnut: Gallery
Windgate.Walnut: Text
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